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Posted on 14 June, 2018 in light leaks

What is most important for a perfect photograph? Light it is. Photography is art that needs precise movement and focuses in a given time. Light leaks happen whenever there is filter used for long exposures. Light leaks ruin the photos if they are not prevented from happening.


Light leaks act as a killer for the photos. Because they are almost impossible to remove after processing. All sorts of damage like dots, dust spots, color contrast are easy to adjust using photoshop or any other similar software but light leaks cannot be removed from the picture once its processed.


There are different causes of light leaks especially they occur through gaps and holes. The picture is exposed to extra light which gives the picture more glow that just ruins the picture. Excessive light can have a bad impact on the image. And no software can remove them once processed. If the camera is not quality or it is damaged then the exposure to the photo can be long.


The first thing that will help is covering the viewfinder. I have personnel experienced with these sorts of leaks problem. In the beginning, I used to have filters to slow the speed. It is evident when you come to photography that you have to cover the viewfinder otherwise there is a chance that your picture gets light leak. I struggled in the start but slowly I learned that I had to take precautions before taking photos. After some time in the field of photography, I learned it perfectly.

Failing sometimes to cover the viewfinder will bring about light seeping through the lens and achieving the sensor, triggering glare and other unwanted artifacts, in particular when sunlight is behind you. The better sunlight is, the lighter drip you’ll see. Many of today’s video cameras include built-in functions to obstruct the viewfinder, but if yours will not, simply place a bit of dark material or paper before it while photographing. Otherwise, you can also buy a viewfinder cover. However, you might not think so, the order you place the filtration systems into the holder is important. Just a tiny gap between your filtration system and holder can be adequate to cause unwanted light achieving the sensor. Click here.


Regrettably, the best square filtration systems could be very pricey and aren’t necessarily the best to start if you are not used to long exposure picture taking. Screw-in filter systems are equally as good and despite having certain restrictions, they hardly ever cause any light drip. Being that they are mounted straight on the zoom lens’ filtration thread, you get rid of the possibility of light finding ways to leak through.


The techniques above should eliminate light drip but if you are still experiencing it, the ultimate way to find the foundation of the problem is by covering all spaces and holes with gaffer tape. Make an effort to cover every space individually and take pictures in-between to find where in fact the light is seeping through. Do not forget to cover the filtration holder as well, as a built system might be the reason why you’re experiencing a light leak. Check out this site:

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Video Editing

A Comparison of Video Editing Software

Posted on 11 December, 2016 in Wedding Video

Editing a video isn’t as difficult as many would believe. It’s quite simple, but only when you have the right tools and video editing software, will it make the difference between getting a real quality showpiece and a poorly edited home movie! However, if you’re new to editing then you might be a little unsure as to which type of software you need. There are a few options to consider so read on and get a brief comparison of video editing software. It may just come in use when you least expect it.

Free Video Software Is Best For Beginners

When you’re just starting out and have very limited knowledge or experience of video editing software, you may be suited to free software. Now, free might not sound appealing but it’s a great starting point for those inexperienced. Beginners will find that software from Microsoft in particular and other companies will offer most the chance to understand how to split and cut images. Basically, this will teach you the basics of editing which will be quite useful if you want to make lots of videos and publish them online.

Opting For an Intermediate Editing Package

If you’re someone who’s mastered the basics and are ready to move up a gear, you need to look for intermediate editing software. You will find the software offers a good array of features; there are the standard basic ones but there are also the more advanced features which are perfect if you’re moving on. These features may include adding another background to the video and other tricks with audio altering.view more details from

Advanced Software

For those with a lot of editing experience under their belts, they will find advanced video editing software is a useful tool. Now, advanced software is a great option to consider simply because it’s suited for professionals. Also, there are lots of impressive features to use and these can make it a lot easier to edit videos.

Online Video Editing Software

Video EditingHowever, there is also software you can download from the web and use immediately. This type of software is quite easy to find and can come in both free and paid versions. Downloading software from the web needs to be thought of very carefully so that you don’t download the wrong one and end up with a nasty virus. That is why if you’re downloading from the web, it’s best to stick to a provider you know or have researched very well. This will avoid potential errors in judgment and may find great video editing software for your videos.get full details at

Editing Software Is a Unique Package

Video editing software can be a great tool for professional editors and those looking into a new hobby! However, choosing the right software is hard as there are many great options and you may think one type of software is far better than another. You absolutely must consider your options and think what works more effectively for your videos. Choosing the best video editing software can be an easy task if you start at the right level.

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How to create a light leak effect in Lightroom

Posted on 1 March, 2016 in light leaks

Light leak is light leakage that occurs in analog cameras and cause overexposure in some areas of the film. The result is lighter spots, usually in shades of red, yellow and orange. The effect may be caused by holes in the body of the machine or by opening the appropriate place not in the same. What would a “defect” in the picture, just gaining popularity along with vintage photos of style.

It is indeed possible create the effect in Photoshop using different options such as Light leaks for FCPXIn fact some people are even able to get Free light leaks online. We tried to make the whole explanation as simple as possible, just showing you the principle of how you can play it. To achieve more realistic results, you only need to work a little more with these same tools. You can also mix colors and mix effects to make the photo look good.

Are you ready to know more interesting facts aboutLight leaks

Today we understand a little more about one of the most popular terms of analogue photography, the light leaks. Theyare nothing more or less than those red, orange grades and yellowish spots that always appeared in their old photos. In fact, these leaks are indeed accidents that happen with your analog camera, when you inadvertently open that lid where the film is. They used to be Free light leaks and often were seen as issues, however today they are nice and can be done with pretty much any picture, thanks to the help of photoshop or even Light leaks for premiere pro.

How does it happen with analog cameras though?

Light enters that space and does that “burning” effect to the film, but as it happens when we quickly closed this cover back, the result is just a blip, not the entire picture, or all photos from the film. To be an accident, many criticize this kind of effect, but in fact it is only gaining more space nowadays, especially among us, photographers teenagers and lovers of the photos. When we discovered all this, we were dying to try to make the effect artificially in photoshop or with Light leaks for premiere pro. At first it was a disaster, but with time things get better. I will show my two ways to get the right tones, and a hint that will help more.

01) Gradient and Brush

After editing your photo with Light leaks for premiere pro, create a new gradient layer that goes from red (not too strong a preference of wine) until transparent. Adjust the angle of the gradient and size. Then just put this layer place in the division and merging ready mode! You can do the same, but use a smoky brush and paint with the red in photo corners, where to find it gets better. See the print.

02) Textures

The internet offers few textures only, but that does help a lot. Just go online, open each one, save, and when to apply to the photo, put the blending division mode.

03) Tip

The most important thing to do is to know the purpose of what we are talking about, if you do not know, check online. Are you ready to try and be a vintage artist? Have fun with Light leaks for premiere pro!

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