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Pinacle Video Editing Software

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

Pinnacle video editing software is a powerful video editing program that is packed with powerful features and comes in three versions. The software has an attractive and easy-to-learn user interface which is properly laid-out to support both dual monitors and widescreen monitors – a huge plus for video editing.

Pinnacle video editing software comes with “Show Photos” and “Show Video” buttons. These buttons allow you to view only the particular media you are working on, making it more practical in terms of importing various other media files into the system. By clearing the “Show Video” button, you will be given viewing access to the photos only, which is helpful if you’re concentrating on editing a portion of a slidehow on a video file.(

The Import Media function of the software will allow you to save all the videos and photos used in a production into specific directories of your choice. This organizes all your raw media into several folders and makes it easier to search for them when you need them again.

All versions of the Pinnacle video editing software have been configured with the “Scorefitter”, a MIDI-based applet that is useful for integrating background scores into your videos. The Scorefitter comes with a comprehensive library of choice MIDI tracks where you can select apt background music to complement a scene in your video. To narrow down your selection, the Scorefitter presents you with a wide array of potential background music based on your qualifications of style, music type, and song version. This allows you to customize several pieces of music and weave them into a scene.

Pinnacle video editing software comes with a host of plug-ins and features, including a noise reduction program that is hugely popular and has been has been used on a regular basis by PC-based recording studios for different types of productions. Other plug-ins improve and even alter the quality of videos. You can change the way a film looks, be it sepia-toned for an old-feel quality to warmed-up colors to a saturated and bleached result. There are many filters that have been developed and included to duplicate Hollywood-type textures without the need for expensive film filters. Powerful plug-ins are also included to imbue a sense of motion and life to still photos, which will work wonderfully well for documentary productions.


Pinnacle has an upload function which can directly load your videos to Yahoo video. This is an especially coveted feature as the trend these days involves uploading videos on the Internet. Pinnacle’s uploading feature has twice the rendering speed compared to the past versions of the software, and will benefit video editors who customize their videos on the PC and upload them straight to the Web via a broadband connection.Read this link here!

Pinnacle video editing software has also been configured to carry high-definition formats. This means capture from HDV and most AVCHD camcorders are possible, including enabling you to export the finished videos to a number of high-definition formats.

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