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Top 5 Free Light Leak Texture Packs To Retrofy Your Photos

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

Looking for the best free light leaks out there? Look no further! Below, we have some awesome light leak downloads for you to play with and follow- and you don’t have to pay a cent!

What is a light leak, anyway?

If you’re not familiar with the term, light leaks used to occur involuntarily in the days of celluloid film cameras. If there was a slight gap in the box, whether by damage or poor construction, light would leak into the film. It would create lines, washes and more on the image. The results were sometimes beautiful- but, of course, very frustrating for someone looking for an entirely different result.

However, times have changed, and now that you have the freedom to tinker with light leak effects rather then have them rudely thrust upon you by chance, they’re a lot more desired. Some people choose to take the random factor of a ‘natural’ light leak by playing with lens-whacking, a technique that slightly loosens the lens and allows an emulation of that old random effect. But most modern light leaks are added in post production, and can be precisely controlled for exactly the look you want. Mostly, it’s used to create dreamy hazy looks, or a vintage retro look.

Of course, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing! Light leaks can be horribly overdone, but when used correctly can make for an awesome photo.

Can I make my own light leaks?

Yes, you certainly can. There’s even a host of different ways to create the light leak effect in most modern graphics programs. From creating your own gradient filters to making tailored brushes, creating light leaks in Adobe Premiere and other top programs is a doddle. You can even manage a passible light leak in GIMP!

But…what if I don’t know how, or don’t want to?

If you’re not sure how, but would like the challenge of creating your own effects, there’s plenty of tutorials out there, like However, if you’re more keen to tinker with the effect then creating the effect, there’s a ton of great free light leaks out there for you to download and use. Most of these come as light leak texture packs, and below here’s our top 5 recommendations.

light leaks texture

• Wnison on Deviant Art- In fact, Deviant Art is a great place to surf for new an unusual light leak texture packs in general. It’s a site full of artist’s creating their works through various means, and most of them like to share. Wnison provides a huge light leak texture pack in a variety of colours- go check it out.

• Spoongraphics also offer a great light leak pack on their blog. There’s 15 free light leaks for you to try.

• EOSGuy- another Deviant artist [we told you that’s a great place to start looking] has a fabulous Hi-Res Light leak pack for you to try.Checkout This link here!

• For great unfocused light texture packs, try the DA user Draconis393.

• Lastly, offers great light leak packs for you to snag.

Why not get one of these great free light leaks, and get cracking on making that photo really special?

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How to achieve a light leak look – In camera or in post?

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

Light leaks used to be the film photographer’s bane- where light would leak through onto the film and create flare effects and wash out the photographs when the photographer of filmographer had not intended for it to happen. However, it’s being used more and more as a trendy new way to spice up dull pictures and create a nifty vintage look to your work. Here’s the low down on light leaks:

In camera or in post?

This answer will depend on what you’re doing. If you’re just tinkering for fun, it will depend on the mood you’re in. If you’re looking to achieve something very specific, it will undoubtedly be easier to achieve it in post production, as you will have a ton more control over how the finished product come out. Ultimately, your goals, your time constraints and how you feel about the project will impact which method you’d choose.

Tell me more about achieving light leaks in camera.

Modern light leaks are achieved mostly through a technique called ‘lens-whacking’, where the lens is slightly lifted away from the camera to allow a teensy bit of light to leak in.

Although we no longer work with expensive celluloid film and you can feel free to experiment to your heart’s [or data card’s] content, you still don’t have an awful lot of control over how light leaks form on the camera. The plus side is, that in the age of digital cameras you can immediately see the result of a light leak and decide if you like it. It just might not be easy to replicate, or to adjust with any kind of regularity. Choose this method when you’re laying around, having fun or experimenting artistically.more detailed info on the website

Light Leaks

Light leaks in post production.

Adding a light leak in post production will give you ultimate control over the results. And if you don’t like it, you can just change it. While it is ‘cheating’ in a way, as it’s not the product of a natural shot, it’s a ton more reliable. It can be used to make beautiful but ‘flat’ imagery unique, and is a popular choice for wedding photos, of course. That’s the sort of situation that has to be done in post, as you’ve no way of knowing what shot you have until then. It’s usually best not to risk a paying shoot on possibly-worthless in camera shots, so unless your model is happy to be part of the experiment, post production is generally best for client’s shots.

Post-producing light leaks is actually fairly easy, especially as a ton of free light leaks and light leak downloads are out there to be had. If you don’t feel confident enough in your gradient and brush skills to create your own, these wonderful packs can make your life considerably easier, and you can find them in almost any colour, shape and type you could want.

Whether you want to achieve your light leak effects via post production or in camera is a choice that’s up to you, your goals and wants.

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Ubuntu Video Editing Software

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

The interesting thing about Ubuntu video editing software is that it is community-developed and Linux-based. It has been geared for both laptops and desktops, and works well with servers. Users will find that this video editing software contains applications that support web browser platforms, software for presentations, documents and spreadsheets, instant messaging, and other important and useful latest post here.

The reason Ubuntu video editing software is widely-used is because it comes free of charge, and offers users regular enterprise releases and security updates, also for free. As is ideal for video editing software, Ubuntu ensures users of total commercial support from the mother company, and its affiliates and subsidiaries around the world.

Accessibility infrastructure and optimal translations, as well as totally free and open source software applications are one of the basics of Ubuntu video editing software. The developers even encourage users to send in their feedback so the software may be improved further.

One of the most popular Linux distribution brands, Ubuntu video editing software has even sprouted some offshoot variants and third-party knock-offs. One product, the Ubuntu Studio is available via DVD imaging and can convert regular Ubuntu installations into Ubuntu Studio simply by acquiring certain parameters through instituting some changes in the sources list file and running apt-get.Read more..

Installing the software is easy. Users will find that they can get their programs up and running in no time at all. Good audio and graphics programs are plentiful in this Linux-based software, including The GIMP and other popular open source graphics programs like Blender for 3D effects.

Uploading still photos and integrating them into video is easy enough with the Mac, a graphics program that has found a lot of favor with Ubuntu users. As soon as photos are uploaded, a dialogue box appears with thumbnails of the pictures and asks the user if they want to save the images, or edit them using the various graphics management programs, such as F-Spot, that come with the Ubuntu.

Users will unanimously agree that audio is Ubuntu video editing software’s strong point. Via a default low-latency kernel that optimizes sound and a topnotch sound editor known as Audacity, audio is lifted to a whole new level. There are a number of sound applications, like Hydrogen, a drum machine application. Some reviews have touted Ubuntu as app-loaded enough to enable one to produce a complete album.Visit (

video editor

The video feature is easy to install as well, and as Linux software, it has been declared 99% ready for use in any type of desktop. Ubuntu is one of the free and open source software which provides all the convenient applications necessary for creating audio, as well as editing and manipulating video files. The hardworking developers of the software assembled as many useful apps as users are likely to need.

Ubuntu will continue to remain free and open source software as long as the patent system continues to favor closed source software whose companies retain huge legal departments to their advantage. Meanwhile Ubuntu developers continue to perfect the gold-mine potential of this Linux-based distribution, a great advantage for its loyal users.

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Pinacle Video Editing Software

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

Pinnacle video editing software is a powerful video editing program that is packed with powerful features and comes in three versions. The software has an attractive and easy-to-learn user interface which is properly laid-out to support both dual monitors and widescreen monitors – a huge plus for video editing.

Pinnacle video editing software comes with “Show Photos” and “Show Video” buttons. These buttons allow you to view only the particular media you are working on, making it more practical in terms of importing various other media files into the system. By clearing the “Show Video” button, you will be given viewing access to the photos only, which is helpful if you’re concentrating on editing a portion of a slidehow on a video file.(

The Import Media function of the software will allow you to save all the videos and photos used in a production into specific directories of your choice. This organizes all your raw media into several folders and makes it easier to search for them when you need them again.

All versions of the Pinnacle video editing software have been configured with the “Scorefitter”, a MIDI-based applet that is useful for integrating background scores into your videos. The Scorefitter comes with a comprehensive library of choice MIDI tracks where you can select apt background music to complement a scene in your video. To narrow down your selection, the Scorefitter presents you with a wide array of potential background music based on your qualifications of style, music type, and song version. This allows you to customize several pieces of music and weave them into a scene.

Pinnacle video editing software comes with a host of plug-ins and features, including a noise reduction program that is hugely popular and has been has been used on a regular basis by PC-based recording studios for different types of productions. Other plug-ins improve and even alter the quality of videos. You can change the way a film looks, be it sepia-toned for an old-feel quality to warmed-up colors to a saturated and bleached result. There are many filters that have been developed and included to duplicate Hollywood-type textures without the need for expensive film filters. Powerful plug-ins are also included to imbue a sense of motion and life to still photos, which will work wonderfully well for documentary productions.


Pinnacle has an upload function which can directly load your videos to Yahoo video. This is an especially coveted feature as the trend these days involves uploading videos on the Internet. Pinnacle’s uploading feature has twice the rendering speed compared to the past versions of the software, and will benefit video editors who customize their videos on the PC and upload them straight to the Web via a broadband connection.Read this link here!

Pinnacle video editing software has also been configured to carry high-definition formats. This means capture from HDV and most AVCHD camcorders are possible, including enabling you to export the finished videos to a number of high-definition formats.

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AVCHD Video Editing Software

Posted on 1 October, 2014  in Wedding Video

Computer technology has drastically changed the way people communicate with one another. It has also taken the world through a quantum leap in the method by which everyone stored our thoughts, information and all other kinds of data. Where before making a movie meant huge production outfits, a gargantuan support crew and bulky equipment, these days anyone with a computer can create a visually stunning film. High-tech and sophisticated video editing software has enabled anyone to make a film from footages of family gatherings to productions on a large scale – all done with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

With the vast array of video software products available in the market today, it is no wonder that not a few can be thoroughly confused when faced with two many choices. The important thing to bear in mind is to choose a video editing product that suits a person’s particular needs. It is also a good idea to find out whether the software manufacturer can provide email or telephone support.

Look for all the crucial characteristics that make up good video editing software, such as audio support, the number of preset images available, audio and color control, the kinds of sequence transition mechanisms in the software, and customizable special effects. It is also a good idea to determine the number of formats that the video editing software can import and export to. It is important to purchase a product that has exporting capabilities to and from VCD, DVD, VHP tapes, and AVCHD formats.

AVCHD video editing software is the latest video editing software format that has gained widespread attention. AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition. Because it comes in a high-definition recording format, it can be used for footage taken using digital camcorders even without the use of tapes. The AVCHD video editing software supports all the commonly used formats, such as standard and HD audio, video and images. Any type of video capture from camcorders of the DV, HDV and AVCHD varieties, USB devices, DVD recorders, VCRs, webcams, digital and analog TV tuners, and hard-drive camcorders on MOD file format are also possible.

The AVCHD video editing software is Windows Vista-compatible, and can produce slideshows, video and DVDs complete with Dolby Digital Sound. Users will find that they’ll be able to import HD video from HDD and AVCHD camcorders and edit footage with an ease comparable to DV. The software also has a playback feature.continue reading..

video editing software

With AVCHD video editing software, real-time editing can be done without the danger of losing out on quality. It offers users Wizard and Movie Wizard features that can be enhanced via DV to DVD. Other tools include title, subtitle and overlay capabilities, automatic color and tone adjustment, and an MPEG Optimizer which offers the most optimal MPEG settings for video and multiple clip format renderings. The final copy can then be burned on formats which include HD, DVD-R/RW or even DVD discs.check site:

Finally, it is interesting to note that the AVCHD video editing software is easy to install and even easier to use, helping the user understand the operating system better and enabling the editing and creation of wonderful movies they will enjoy in the years to come.

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