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How To Use Light Leaks In Final Cut Pro X

Posted on 5 March, 2018  in Uncategorized


Many people today are enjoying the use of light leaks for FCPX to add more excitement or realism to their videos.  With the increase in family outings, travel, outdoor activities and sports, it is a thrill to capture some of these moment on video to share with your friends and family or to just look back on later and remember your wonderful vacation or occasion.  Most people enjoy taking videos of their child’s first steps or their first sports game in school.  Great memories are irreplaceable and when they are videoed they are there to look back at many years later.

What Is A Light Leak?

Light Leaks are used on videos or photographs to change the appearance on the pictures.  There are options such as changing colors or just adding a light look to make a picture more romantic or dreamy.  The light can be added to only one side of a photo to enhance the entire picture or to highlight a certain area.  This can also be used to add life or more of a relaxed sense to action videos such as canoeing down the rapids or motor cross racing.

How Does It Work?

  • You can alter the color on your photo from a cool to a warm or from a monotone to a Saturate.
  • Speeding up the light on your video can help to give your video a more exciting look.
  • Slowing down the light can help to calm down the excitement and make it more Relaxing.
  • Use more than one leak at a time to help define your tone and make your photos more personalized.

How to Get?

To purchase the light leaks for your equipment is simple.  You can just simply download the files off of a dealer’s page after your purchase and retrieve it on your email.  Unzip your files, when unzipping if you select extract all it should allow you to choose where you want to download your files at on your computer.  Open and enjoy the use of your new purchase on your video and photographs that are important to you.  This can help to add to the realism of your pictures or can change the look of the entire scene.

Whether it is your videos or your pictures, the ability to change the color, add more light streaks can create an entirely new view.  You can take the same photograph or video and view it in several different ways as to add an entirely different view of the same thing.  Overall this is a more creative way, of storing your memories for a lifetime.

Be it a day at the beach or the family picnic those memories will be stored for your grandchildren and even your great grand children to be able to see their heritage and the family members that they did not get a chance to know.  As you are selecting your Light leaks for premiere pro remember you are kind of like adding to your time capsule for your generations to come. See how :


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